Special Situations - the process

Student participates in a class assignment for credit and the resulting Intellectual Property must be assigned to the University or external sponsor when:

1.      Instructor secures the Sponsor’s signature on Student Research Sponsorship Acknowledgement and then forwards it to the University Authorized Officials or designee.

2.      Sponsor and University reach agreement on ownership of any Intellectual Property created by the class assignment.

3.      Instructor presents the assignment to the class.

4.      All students have the right to opt-out of the assignment and to receive other equivalent for-credit class work.

5.      Students who opt-in for the assignment receive the Student Technology Transfer Guide and sign the Student Intellectual Property University Agreement or Student Intellectual Property Company Agreement.

6.      Class Instructor collects the Student Intellectual Property University Agreement or Student Intellectual Property Company Agreement from all students who opt-in for the assignment.

7.      Class Instructors forwards all Student Intellectual Property Agreements to the University Authorized Officials or designee.

8.      Students participate in research and makes or contributes to a discovery or invention.

9.      Student(s) completes Technology Disclosure as a “co-Inventor”.

10.  University or Sponsor evaluates the invention for commercial potential and patentability. If the University has rights of ownership, it can send to PSRF via PASSHE.

11.  Student’s interest in the invention is assigned to the University or Sponsor, or released to student.