Student Employment process

When a student is employed in a research capacity -- the student is covered by the Non-Faculty Technology Transfer Guide.

1.      Student is hired for a research position. Employment conditions require the student to sign the Non-Faculty Intellectual Property Agreement.

2.      Student reports to work.

3.      Upon reporting to employment, student signs an acknowledgement of receipt of the Non-Faculty Technology Transfer Guide. Receipt is retained in personnel file. Appointed officer/administrator (e.g. department chair or director) collects the 
Non-Faculty Intellectual Property Agreement and then forwards it to University Authorized Officials or designee.

4.      Student participates in research and makes or contributes to a discovery or invention.

5.      Student completes Technology Disclosure or signs Principal Investigator’s disclosure as a “co-inventor”.

6.      University (using PSRF services) evaluates the invention for commercial potential and patentability.

7.      Student’s interest in the invention is assigned to the University or Sponsor, or released to student.