Copyright Practice and Procedures

While the purpose of this document is to provide procedures to manage patentable inventions, a note on copyrights is necessary to distinguish between the two, particularly concerning scholarly work. The University encourages students and Other Covered Individuals to create literary, scholarly, and artistic works. In this context, copyright ownership of such works generally rests with the creator(s). However, works authored by University non-faculty employees within the scope of employment belong to the employer – the University.

·         The University will hold copyright to works created by employees that are generated within the scope of or closely related to the creator’s employment, or commissioned by the University.

·         The University will hold copyright to all works created by contract employees, and consultants and Other Covered Individuals within the scope of their employment.

·         Non-faculty employees and other covered individuals may not use University copyright material without specific permission.

·         Sponsor funding agreements may provide for different ownership and restrictions than those outlined above.