Non-Faculty Submittal Form Statement

Note:  The following statement is to be incorporated into each proposal or contract/agreement submittal form that is transmitted to the CAO of each University. The statement will be signed by all faculty and staff members (except clerical and non-technical staff) who will be participating in the project.

It is understood that the _____________University of Pennsylvania and third-parties may have rights in all discoveries and inventions made or conceived in performance of work on this project. The Principal Investigator(s) will furnish prompt and full disclosure of inventions made during performance of this project to the University’s Authorized Official. I have received the Non-Faculty Technology Transfer Guide.


I, the project director (check one):

  • Anticipate
  • Do not anticipate

Developing Intellectual Property during this research/project. The anticipated Intellectual Property are (check all that apply):

  • Publications/presentations
  • Software
  • Inventions or discoveries

Describe the Intellectual Property in general terms.