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Educational Intelligence




Workforce Intelligen​ce Toolkit

The State System’s Workforce Intelligence Toolkit—a central clearinghouse for strategic and academic planning—was developed by the Office of Educational Intelligence in response to the System’s Strategic Plan, Rising to the Challenge 2020. The goal of this toolkit is to provide resources and services that will help State System universities align with the Commonwealth’s workforce needs and ensure every State System student has a career plan. There are two key components of this toolkit: Gap Analysis and Tools for Improvement—both geared towards helping State System universities individually and collectively connect better with Pennsylvania’s economy. 


Gap Analysis

Statewide and Re​gional

A fundamental challenge for any higher education system is to understand the characteristics of the regional economy it supports and the workforce needs of its local employers. The State System’s Gap Analysis Project determines the fields in which Pennsylvania and its regions expect gaps in future workforce needs.


Tools for Improv​ement

Career Coach connects State System universities with careers, as well as serves as a resource for students to find jobs in their field.

Analyst provides the labor market landscape of State System academic programs by linking programs and enrollment to relevant employment, wage, and hiring data. It can also be used to research regional trends for occupations and industries and to understand regional demographic trends that may impact enrollment and hiring.