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#InvestInMe is the State System’s 2016-17 social media advocacy campaign focused on engaging the 100,000+ students of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. Our students should be seen as an investment for the state—not just an expenditure—because 80% will remain in Pennsylvania after graduation and will continue to contribute to the economy within their local communities and the Commonwealth. As such, students have a unique perspective to offer regarding the importance of funding of public higher education. When we invest in our public universities we are investing in students who create a real return on that investment, many times over.


 >>View Storify to see the campaign in action.

How can students participate?
Students can participate by taking photos or videos with their university sign and post them to social media with the hashtag #InvestInMe.



How can supporters and alumni participate?
Supporters and alumni can participate by displaying a sign at their work location that says either “Proud Supporter” or “Proud Alum” of the State System.