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My name is Rebecca DeMuth, and I’m a dual major in communication studies and environmental planning with a minor in legal studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. For my family, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has meant being able to put two kids through school — my older sister also went to a State System university — and not having to choose which one went to college or only having one or two choices. By going to a State System university that is cost effective and has great programs, we both had the opportunity to pick from 14 schools to have unique experiences at different schools. 

I chose the legal studies minor because I was searching for a way to incorporate my skills in writing with my interest in environmental science. I'm very interested in environmental justice, which is the idea that everyone, regardless of economic status, has the right to a healthy environment. You do that through environmental laws and regulations. Please invest in me so that I could put my education to good use in the future!


My name is Sean Wineland, and I’m an environmental studies major at California University of Pennsylvania. As part of a summer 2014 internship with the University of Notre Dame, I traveled to Michigan and studied the food-web interactions between spiders and grasshoppers, a species within the Orthoptera order of insects. Recently, an article about my research was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Orthoptera Research. It’s rare for an undergraduate’s research to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, but I had this opportunity thanks to the skills I learned at Cal U.

Last summer I went to National Bison Range in Montana, where I studied the relationship between forest area and the bird species found there. This study might be useful to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which manages the range.

Here at Cal U I am studying the regenerative abilities of newts through a student research grant, and I’m using GIS to map our local food system under a State System of Higher Education grant. I’m currently applying to graduate schools and searching for jobs. My experiences with undergraduate research sets me apart from other candidates. Thank you for investing in me!


My name is Matthew Corbin, and I’m a communications major at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. I’m determined to become a sports broadcaster and motivate others to follow their dreams no matter how many obstacles they face. I need you to invest in me because I will definitely be a contributing member of society and a role model for generations of students to come. Even while battling a life-threatening illness I have been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA. Despite being raised by a single mother in a poor New York City home as one of nine children, I beat the odds. When I was 16, I got the opportunity to shine at a Catholic school in Allentown, PA. I soon discovered my potential and began to mentor youngsters to achieve success. I’m blessed to be where I am today because people saw value in Cheyney’s Keystone Honors Academy. Without that scholarship, I could not have afforded to go to college. Please invest in me so that I can pay it forward and keep the legacy alive, and help develop the leaders of tomorrow today.


My name is Megan Foster, and I’m a library science major at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. During my first week at Clarion, as a freshman who was terrified of being 90 minutes away from home, I was terribly homesick. I have ADD, and I worked with Disability Services. They helped me tremendously, as did Counseling Services. I graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in 2014 and will graduate in May with a Master of Science in library science. I’m also a black belt in shokotan (a form of karate), write role-play fiction and am a self-described “huge gamer.” I have my own photography business and work at Best Buy, where my goal is to brighten the day of everyone I encounter. For me, finishing my master’s degree is “the cherry on top” of my Clarion experience. I plan to combine the degree with the skills I acquired through campus jobs, my involvement in Campus Fest and the Social Media Roundtable, and the research experience I gained while interning at Clarion County Historical Society, to secure a great job and have a rewarding career. To thank Clarion, I created The Clarion Project, photographing and collecting stories of the people who comprise the Clarion University family. Thank you for investing in me!


My name is Katie Reardon, and I’m from Rockaway, NJ, majoring in English and minoring in theater at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. 

During my four years at ESU, I've been afforded opportunities both in and outside of the classroom that have ignited my passion for musical theater. In only my sophomore year, I landed the leading role in ESU’s production of Wizard of Oz, and I’ve been a proud member of many other shows since! Just last semester I became president of ESU’s Musical Theatre Organization, where I gain real-world experience every day by teaching and leading other students to reach their own performance potential. I also competed alongside students from other universities at the 2016 Kennedy Center of American College Theatre Regional Festival, where I was selected to perform in the musical theatre intensive cabaret. Like my time at ESU, the festival gave me opportunities to perfect my craft. 

During my free time, I’m also a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau and a tutor at ESU’s writing studio. Through all these experiences, I’ve gained the confidence I need to succeed in my future. I know anything is possible. Please invest in me and see what I can do.


My name is Katherine McAtee, and I’m a speech and hearing sciences major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, pursuing dual minors in psychology and special education. I grew up in nearby Waterford, PA, and my younger sister Victoria is a health and physical education major at Edinboro.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a speech pathologist. I always loved helping and being around children. As a teenage babysitter, I worked with local children diagnosed with moderate to severe speech disorders, and I saw firsthand how each child benefitted both socially and psychologically from speech therapy. 

My primary interest is in developmental speech delays caused by neurological disabilities in children. After graduation, I wish to obtain a master’s degree in speech language pathology to develop a deeper understanding of neurogenics and characteristics causing speech delays and/or impediments in children.

Invest in me, because I will be the speech language pathologist who will help your children or grandchildren overcome their speech delays or impediments.


My name is Erika Fenstermacher, and I’m a psychology major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis on gerontology. 

I didn’t realize how passionate I was about serving the older population until my practicum, arranged through IUP, at Indiana Regional Medical Center. This experience showed me exactly what I wanted to do with my education and my life: serve the older population. We are an aging population, and researchers expect there will not be enough geropsychologists trained to handle the increasing demand for psychological services needed by this age group. I want to help to meet this need. 

At IUP, faculty take the time to encourage me, advise me, advocate for me, and help me to discover my potential, including being in the psychology honors program. I’ve had unbelievable research opportunities, working one-on-one with my adviser, and getting the chance to take on leadership roles that I never dreamed would be possible. IUP has pushed me to become more than I ever thought I could be, and I know I will meet my goals. Please, invest in me!

My name is Darius Pleasant, and I’m a communication studies major at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. For most of my time at Kutztown I have been involved on campus, but none of that would have been possible without my school’s Housing and Residence Life program. 

As a freshman I had no plan or direction. Toward the end of my sophomore year, though, I was encouraged to apply for a job as a desk receptionist in my hall. While working on campus, I began to get involved with organizations such as Hall Council and SPARK, a student-run initiative to create awareness on campus about recycling. Both organizations opened my eyes to all my school has to offer. Following that, I began working at our Student Union, became involved in Greek Life, found an internship through our Career Development Center, won homecoming king, and even found myself working in my school’s University Relations Office. 

I can honestly say that without my experiences at a public university, none of what I have accomplished today would have been possible. On behalf of all students seeking direction, I ask you to please invest in me.


My name is Phil Sprenkle, and I’m a dual major in business administration and sports administration at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Dallastown, PA, I'm a member of Lock Haven’s Division I wrestling team, where I have been honored as a three-time Academic All-American. After college, I plan to work in commercial real estate with Marcus & Millichap where I plan to provide them with the hard work and dedication that I learned at Lock Haven. Please invest in me! 

My name is Annie Dombrowski
, and I’m an athletic training major at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Altoona, PA, I am a member of LHU’s women’s volleyball and basketball teams and am also a member of the Athletic Training Club, a Salvation Army volunteer and a student-athlete mentor. I have earned many honors in my career, including Student-Athlete Honor Roll and the Dean’s List. I'm working hard at Lock Haven to prepare myself for my career goal, which is to become a certified athletic trainer and work for either a high school or professional sports team. Please invest in me!


My name is Marquise Isaac-Rivers, and I’m a senior at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania with a dual major, pursuing degrees in Communication, with a concentration in Electronic Media, and Business Administration, with a focus on Marketing.
My Mansfield experience has allowed me to become involved in a number of campus activities and organizations, which have helped me develop my leadership skills and discover the joy in helping others. I have served as a lead peer mentor in the Gateway Program for incoming freshman transitioning to college, as a diversity ambassador for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity Center, organizing events and helping visitors, and I have worked at the Student Activities Help Desk.
I'm involved in our Student Government Association, currently serving as vice-president. I have also served as president of the Black Student Union, Men for Progress, the Kappa Mu Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma and Mansfield’s Enactus business competition team. I have also been involved in several other activities, including the Flashlight student newspaper and the Order of Omega Honor Society.
All of this, and more, has led to my decision to continue my education, with the goal of a career in Student Affairs. Please invest in me.


My name is Aaron Jaffe, and I’m a speech communication major at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Going to Millersville has given me the opportunity to intern at local companies, study abroad, and learn skills I might not have been able to if I went to a private college or university. Being able to afford a degree in higher education and also gain priceless skills and knowledge at the same time allows students to invest back into their communities when they graduate. When Pennsylvania invests in a student's education to learn in the classroom, in the professional world, or in the global community, it's an investment in the state as well. 

My name is Meghan Basiliko, and I’m a dual major in German and international studies at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. I have been studying abroad in Germany since Sept. 1, 2015, and will return to Pennsylvania on July 31, 2016. Having the opportunity to study abroad has opened many doors for me and has allowed me to be fully immersed in other cultures that I wouldn’t have been exposed to without the resources available to me at Millersville. I have had a truly unique college experience, spending almost a whole year away from home. When I return, I will jump right back into German Club and musical performance with the saxophone before I graduate in May 2017. Invest in me. 

My name is Caroline Campbell,
and I’m a speech communications major with an option in public relations at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. I never thought my dream of higher education would be a possibility financially, but, through Millersville, my dream became a reality. Coming here has given me confidence, personally and professionally. It's given me the skills needed to plan a Pennsylvania State System Media conference, obtain internships, and be actively involved on campus. Higher education is more than a piece of paper you receive at graduation; it’s my future. It's opened my eyes to endless possibilities and shown me that I can to be the change in my community, leading to my interest in pursuing a law degree and a master’s in communication in efforts to become a professor and inspire future professionals of Pennsylvania. Through funding higher education you are not only funding my future, but also the future of Pennsylvania. 

My name is Sara Wiberg, and I’m a government and political affairs major at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Being able to afford higher education has enabled me to pursue my interests in human rights. Being a resident assistant, student ambassador, and a member of Amnesty International, I'm learning the necessary skills needed to give back to my community. Through Millersville, I'm making connections and being encouraged by my peers, professors, and friends to create a change in the global sphere. When funding higher education, you are not only funding expansive learning, but also funding the future of societal change and the solutions to complex societal problems. 

My name is Christian Copeland, and I’m studying communications at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. As the president of Student Senate, it's my responsibility to listen to the concerns and needs of our students and convey their messages to the university. I do everything in my power to help our student body achieve goals. Millersville provides an extensive amount of resources to help students succeed, and I enjoy acting as an ambassador on behalf of the students. Student Senate is only one facet of my campus involvement. I’m also involved in NAACP, the Multi-Cultural Outreach team, Millersville Concerned Men, and Artists Rocking Together, and I've served as president of the Black Student Union. Funding for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education is essential to my success as a student and after I graduate from Millersville. Invest in me. 

My name is Quinton Collins
, and I’m studying communications with an option in broadcasting at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. On campus, I'm involved in the University Theatre group called Citamard, the University Activities Board, Lambda Chi Alpha, WIXQ Radio, and the campus television channel, MUTV. As a student ambassador on the Student Helping Admissions Recruiting Program (SHARP) Team and orientation leader, I find joy in helping new Marauders find their home at Millersville University, the same way I did. Higher education must be financially sustainable for current students and future generations of Marauders at Millersville University. Invest in me.


My name is Cody Olson, and I’m a marketing and management dual major at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. I'm a member of eight different student organizations on campus, and I hold a leadership position within six. I also work 15 hours per week, participate in the Honors Program, and volunteer my time on the weekends. Though I might seem immensely involved, I still manage to maintain a 4.0 GPA. As a mere sophomore, I am already receiving full-time job offers upon graduation from different companies. I'm still not entirely sure what the future holds for me, but I feel well prepared and excited for what is to come. As of right now, I plan on either working corporately until I acquire the funds necessary to start my own business or attending graduate school to obtain a degree in student affairs, with the eventual goal of becoming a college administrator. I believe that attending a State System school has expanded my horizons, developed me as a leader, and given me the necessary tools to become successful in whatever field I choose. I am Shippensburg University. Invest in me! 

My name is Megan Lawrence
, and I’m an accounting and management information systems dual major at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Shippensburg has a dedicated faculty, great honors and accredited business programs, and a supportive family atmosphere. I maintain a near perfect GPA and have joined numerous campus groups. These organizations have tied me so closely to the Ship family by introducing me to my closest friends and a huge network of talented current and former students. I look forward to my internship with McKonly & Asbury, LLP this summer, which will officially begin my professional accounting career. Graduation next spring is flying toward me, and I've grown infinitely as a student, young professional, and person during my time at college. Many programs and students, including myself, might not have been able to grow during college if it weren’t for continued support. Walt Disney once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Together, we can make Shippensburg and State System schools the most wonderful places in the world. Invest in me!

My name is Ruben Bourdeau
, and I’m a finance major at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. The university has provided me the opportunity to learn various skills that make your support an investment in the future. Shippensburg has given me the chance to be part of many different organizations that have helped me grow and taught me different skills that I will take with me on my journey of being successful. I’m a part of our residence life program and the organization has given me so much that I can later utilize in my career. I know how to work in a team setting, and I know how to compromise with my coworkers. I’ve learned how to approach different situations that might arise and how to handle them. This is a major key for a successful future simply because being able to communicate in an office setting with your peers will get a lot more done. This university is offering me the skills that I will need to get a career, but it’s also showing me how to be a better citizen in order to change lives across the world. Shippensburg has invested its time into me, and I am proud to say that I am a part of this wonderful university. Please invest in me!

My name is Lily Lizama-Rodas
, I'm a Spanish major at Shippensburg university. I'm an investment in the future because I'm the first in my family to earn a college education even as many in the Hispanic community are relagated to doing manual work due to the lack of education and opportunity. With a university education the opportunities multiply, and I will be free to choose a career that allows me to make a greater contribution to society. I hope to pursue a career in our governmental system, which is vital to our country and people. I'm an investment in the future because leadership requires strength, knowledge, and wisdom. These things are based on advanced learning that is only been afforded to me through a Shippensburg education. Invest in Me!


My name is Logan Steigerwalt, and I’m a marketing major from Northampton, PA. I've served as the CEO and president of the Slippery Rock University Student Government Association, Inc. since April 2015. The SRU SGA is a nonprofit organization that provides student services including club and organization management, an on-campus bookstore and preschool, campus bus operation, and childcare center. As president, I oversee the SGA’s $4.2 million budget and $17 million in assets. 

I'm a Board of Governors Scholarship recipient, and I also serve as a CareBreaks co-coordinator. In that role, I'm responsible for all aspects of planning and coordinating student volunteer activities during fall, winter, and spring breaks, providing SRU students with domestic and international community service opportunities as part of that program. 

From May-August 2015, I served as a broker assistant for New Pennsylvania Realty, where I assisted in the preparation of contracts, showing and staging of properties, and meeting with clients to discuss property sale options. 

I chose to major in marketing because I like the challenges and diversity of the field. Following graduation, I intend to pursue an MBA. My eventual goal is to become a Pennsylvania business owner or investor. Please invest in me!


My name is Chelsea Nejbauer, and I’m majoring in communication studies with a studio art minor focusing on graphic design at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. As a freshman, I was undecided on my college career. West Chester’s many student involvement activities allowed me to explore my passions outside of the classroom. I got involved in PRSSA and Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and found my niche in graphic design and digital media. 

Communications studies is a natural fit as a major and my grades reflect this, as I've been acknowledged on the Dean’s List the past two semesters. I’ve been honing my skills in and out of the classroom, and I'm now a freelance graphic designer and digital media consultant for local businesses, many of which have wonderful products and services, they just don’t know how to communicate that effectively via the digital and social media world. 

As my semesters remaining at West Chester dwindle, my portfolio and professional experience are growing. I'm currently drafting a business plan for my own digital marketing firm. West Chester has given me the foundation and education I need to become an entrepreneur and the skills to help businesses thrive. Please invest in me.