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Attendance, Leave, & Holidays


Delayed Openings and Early Closings

Notification of delayed openings and early closings of Office of the Chancellor worksites:
The Office of the Chancellor will continue to use the e2Campus notification system, in conjunction with emails, to alert staff of weather-related delays and closings.
e2Campus activation is good for two years, however, you may want to review your account to make sure the cell phone number and email address are correct and that your account is not about to expire.
To register or view your account, please visit e2campus. If you are already registered but have forgotten your username, please contact Shannon Fink (4171; or Frank Lentz (4195;
Since an e2Campus message may apply only to a specific location, the following abbreviations will be used in the text/email alerts to denote the work location affected.
  • OOC—Office of the Chancellor (Dixon University Center and Vartan Way)
  • DUC—Dixon University Center ONLY
  • VW—Vartan Way ONLY
  • Phil—PASSHE Center City
Clarification on common attendance/leave issues related to delayed openings and early closings:
When a delayed opening occurs:

  • Only employees who report to work are eligible to receive the benefit of the delayed opening.
  • Employees who are not scheduled to work or who are on preapproved leave are ineligible for this benefit and may not receive leave “credit” for this time.
  • Employees who do not report to work on the day a delayed opening occurs must follow regular leave procedures and call the supervisor or other designated manager to report the absence. In addition, the employee must enter leave via ESS for the entire day. The hours of the delayed opening may not be subtracted from the full day of leave nor “credited” for future use.
When a early closing occurs:
  • Only employees who are at work at the time of the early closing are eligible to receive this benefit.
  • Employees who were on leave that day, already left work, or were not scheduled to work are not eligible for the benefit and do not receive a leave "rebate" or a leave "credit" for this time.
Please contact Shannon Fink at ext. 4171 with any questions.

Pay Schedules and Calendars
Click the links below for all current and recent pay schedules.



Holiday Schedule
Click the links below for all current and recent pay schedules.



Leave Donation Program

The Leave Donation Program, which is administered by the Human Resources Office, allows permanent Management, AFSCME, and SPFPA (university campuses only) employees to donate annual and personal leave to a designated permanent Management, AFSCME, or SPFPA employee within the Office of the Chancellor. On occasion, a call for donations may be received from a university, at which time Office of the Chancellor Management, AFSCME, and SPFPA employees may donate leave to a university Management, AFSCME, or SPFPA employee. The donated leave is to be used for the recipient's own catastrophic injury or illness or for the catastrophic injury or illness of a family member. In addition, the recipient must have used all accrued and anticipated paid leave for the current leave calendar year.

See the policy and procedure documents for further details on the program.

Time and Attendance Reporting

Timesheets are used to report:
  • Overtime and/or compensatory time earnings
  • Temporary schedule changes
  • Hours worked by hourly wage employees
  • Shift differential for employees who occasionally are assigned to work a shift that begins after the noon hour, but do not ordinarily work this schedule. It is not required for employees whose regular shift begins after the noon hour because SAP calculates shift differential for these employees automatically.


Helpful Documents

Time sheets must be submitted to the HR Office by noon on the Monday following each pay date. This is to ensure that the employee is paid for the earnings on the next pay date.

Late submissions can be entered, but may not appear until a subsequent pay date. When in doubt about the need for a manual timesheet, please contact Shannon Fink.

Standard Work Schedule

In SAP, each employee’s standard work schedule is the basis for calculating all leave, overtime, and compensatory time. The work schedule identifies the:
  • Days of the week the employee usually works.
  • Starting and ending times of the employee's regular work day.
  • Length of the employee's usual lunch period.
To ensure that hours worked and leave used are calculated accurately, employees must:
  • Adhere to the established work schedule of record. This is the schedule reported by the supervisor to the HR Office as the regular schedule the employee is expected to work.
  • Correctly report work schedule information on timesheets and/or leave slips.
When the information provided on timesheet and leave slips does not match the work schedule of record, untimely or inaccurate processing of leave or overtime / compensatory earning may result. It also requires the HR office to manually correct the information or to follow up with individual employees to clarify inconsistencies.

Work Schedule Changes

  • Proposed long term temporary or permanent work schedule changes must be reported to HR by the employee’s supervisor or manager as soon as possible.
  • An accurate work schedule in SAP ensures that leave and overtime/compensatory time are correctly processed.
  • The supervisor may send an email notice to Shannon Fink, with details about the proposed work schedule.
  • Employees may not submit work schedule changes to HR directly.
  • IMPORTANT: The work schedule change should not be implemented in practice until HR notifies the supervisor that the proposed schedule is an option in SAP and that the schedule change does not negatively impact the employee's compensation. This is particularly critical when a change to an alternate work schedule is proposed.
  • The Policy and Agreement can be found at: