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In order to successfully complete the Healthy U program, both you and your covered spouse/domestic partner (if applicable) must complete the WELLNESS PROFILE (worth 30 points) and earn a total of 70 points each by the program deadline.  Each participant can choose from the many available activities and programs to earn the remaining points.
Healthy U is available to covered managers, faculty, non-faculty coaches, police and security personnel, and nurses and their spouses/domestic partners who are enrolled in the State System of Higher Education Group Health Program’s PPO health plan.
Participation in Healthy U will entitle the employee to pay the lowest health plan contribution rates.  This is an obviously considerable financial incentive for employees and spouses/domestic partners to participate in Healthy U.  However, we believe that employees will also be interested in participation in order to become more involved in improving their own health or maintaining their current good health into the future.
Participation in Healthy U by both the employee and covered spouse/domestic partner will entitle the employee to pay the lowest health plan contribution rates.  If either the employee or the spouse/domestic partner does not meet the participation requirements, the employee will not be eligible for the lowest health plan contribution rates.
Am I required to enroll in programs that are recommended in my Wellness Profile results?
No, however the programs and activities that are recommended based on your Wellness Profile results are likely to be the most beneficial to you.  You are not required to enroll in the recommended programs and may select from any of the offered programs.
Your plan includes a full routine preventive schedule of benefits for adults. This schedule includes coverage for the routine physical exam itself, as well as various other tests and screenings that may be included with the exam.  Please contact Highmark Member Services at1-888-745-3212 to confirm your coverage for specific preventive services.
There are three boxes on the Rewards "lobby" page that display points:
EARNED:  The first value represents your Total Accumulated Points.  The Max value reflects the total number of points needed to complete your Rewards Program
USED: Total Points Redeemed/Used
BALANCE:  Current Point Value Accumulated, to apply to the next reward level
As you accumulate points, the Balance box reflects the points you have earned. Once you have enough points to earn a reward, you will receive a congratulations message. At this time, the Balance box returns to zero and those points move to the Earned and Used boxes. You are encouraged to keep using the online tools beyond your program requirements to improve your health and wellness, but points will not continue to accumulate.
Yes, Highmark and their online wellness vendor, WebMD, fully comply with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.  Protected health information (PHI) is kept completely confidential and all web transactions occur on a secure site and secure link and will not be shared with your employer.  All reports provided to the employer contain aggregate data only, and contain no individual protected health information.
Your Highmark Blue Shield benefit book contains a section entitled, “Notice of Privacy Practices”, which provides a detailed description of Highmark’s privacy policy. 
Your privacy is very important to us. Your Health Plan or WebMD may disclose limited information to your employer. Information may also be disclosed to a third party. (i.e. an organization who provides services on behalf of the Plan.) 
This information may be related to:
• WebMD registration status
• Wellness Profile completion
• Enrollment or participation in offers or programs that the Plan offers through the WebMD Tools
• Information about participating in or completing programs offering an award or incentive
This information may be provided to the Plan or your employer to use for:
• Registration analysis
• Fulfillment of a gift, award, incentive or other program
Your health plan will also have access to:
• Electronic claims data
• Information you enter in your WebMD Personal Health Record
• Other contracted third-party information related to the Personal Health Record
• Program offerings between your health plan, employer and WebMD