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Health U


Welcome to Healthy U, PASSHE’s workplace wellness program designed to help you improve your well-being and become more engaged in every aspect of your health. Healthy U was developed by PASSHE for management, faculty, non-faculty coaches, police and security personnel and nurses. If you are enrolled in the State System of Higher Education Group Health Program’s PPO or Indemnity health care plan, you and your covered spouse or same-sex domestic partner are strongly encouraged to participate in Healthy U.

The unions representing the faculty, non-faculty coaches, police and security personnel and the nurses (APSCUF, SPFPA and OPEIU) provided input during the process of developing Healthy U and their support is instrumental in ensuring a successful program outcome. Both PASSHE management and unions are hopeful that Healthy U will provide valuable information and tools to assist employees and their covered spouses or same-sex domestic partners in adopting healthier behaviors and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Participation in Healthy U carries with it many rewards in addition to the financial incentives of paying substantially lower health care contribution rates. In the long run, the payback in terms of your improved well-being will likely be far more significant than the contributions you saved since good health is the single most important quality in our lives and the basis for enjoying all other aspects of life.

Just as your university is the source of educational inspiration for thousands of students every year, PASSHE hopes that Healthy U will inspire you and your family to become more educated about your own health and to take advantage of the information, resources and programs for a healthier you!


  • Healthy U Overview and History
    A brief description of the Healthy U wellness program, along with a summary of the completed phases of the program previously
  • Getting Started
    Detailed information about the 2013-14 Healthy U wellness program and instructional handouts to guide you through every step of the process
  • Highmark Wellness Program and Resources
    Materials that provide a more in-depth description of the various online, telephonic, community, and worksite based wellness programs and activities that are available from Highmark
  • FAQs
    Frequently asked questions (and answers!) about Healthy U
  • Glossary of Terms
    Your guide to the terminology frequently used within Healthy U communications
  • Link to Highmark
    Click here and you will be redirected to the Highmark website to get started on or continue your Healthy U participation
  • Participant/Non-Participant Employee Health Plan Rates 2013-14
    These tables compare Highmark Indemnity and PPO Healthy U participant health rates (The employee contributions for HMO plans are not affected by wellness program participation)
  • Preventive Schedule
    Click here for the 2013 Preventive Schedule