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Health U 


Welcome to Healthy U, PASSHE’s workplace wellness program designed to help you improve your well-being and become more engaged in every aspect of your health. If you are enrolled in the State System of Higher Education Group Health Program’s PPO or Indemnity health care plan, you and your covered spouse or same-sex domestic partner are strongly encouraged to participate in Healthy U.​


Participation in Healthy U carries with it many rewards in addition to the financial incentives of paying substantially lower health care contribution rates. In the long run, the payback in terms of your improved well-being will likely be far more significant than the contributions you saved since good health is the single most important quality in our lives and the basis for enjoying all other aspects of life.


 As a PASSHE employee, your health is our priority.​


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Overview and History
A brief description of the Healthy U program
Getting Started
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(and answers!) about Healthy U
Comparison of Rates
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Links and Resources
Links, Resources, Glossary, and More