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How can I change my address?
Please complete and submit the following online form.
Who do I contact with questions about health care claims and deductibles?
Please contact Highmark’s Elite Customer Service team at 1-888-745-3212. You will be asked to provide your group number.
What kind of prescription drug coverage do I have?
If you are under 65, you will have the same prescription coverage that you did as an active employee.
If you are 65 or over, you will have the Signature 65 prescription drug discount plan. You will pay for your prescriptions at a discounted rate and then can request reimbursement by submitting a Major Medical Claim form to Highmark.
Can I get vision and dental coverage through the Annuitant Health Care Program?
The Annuitant Health Care Program does not offer dental or vision coverage to retirees.
Here are some options that may be available to you:
  • If you are receiving a pension or eligible receive a pension from the Commonwealth/State System, vision and dental coverage may be available coverage through PARSE (
Who can I cover under my health plan?
You may cover your legal spouse, your same-sex domestic partner (excluding OPEIU, SCUPA, and SPFPA) and dependent children up to age 19. Dependent children age 19 to 25 are eligible for coverage only if they are a full time student or disabled.
The Central Benefits Office certifies full time student status of dependents at the beginning of each semester for all dependents between the ages of 19 and 25.
What if I become eligible for Medicare prior to turning age 65?
Please contact the Central Benefits Office at 717-720-4153 or email Enrollment in Medicare affects the coverage available to you.
What if one of my dependents or I become disabled?
Please contact the Central Benefits Office at 717-720-4153 or email to discuss how this will change benefit coverage.
What do I need to do if I want to cancel my health care coverage?
Please complete the Agreement to Cancel AHCP form and forward it to Once you cancel your coverage, you waive all future rights to the Annuitant Health Care Program coverage.
Where can I find the plan’s Medicare Part D Notice?
The notice can be found by clicking here.

Plan Information
Benefits are listed by your Highmark group number. You were provided your group number when you enrolled in AHCP or when you transitioned to Signature 65 coverage. You may also contact the Central Benefits Office or Highmark to obtain your group number. Click the applicable number below to view your benefit booklet..
·          025079-60, 61
·          025079-62
·          025079-63
·          028572-00 through 07
·          028572-08, 09
·          028572-10
·          028572-11
·          064222-00 through 09
·          064223-00 through 07
Contact Information
Have a question?
Phone: 717-720-4153
FAX: 717-720-4013
State System's Mailing Address
Pennsylvania’s State System
of Higher Education
Office of the Chancellor
Attention: AHCP Benefits
2986 N 2nd St
Harrisburg PA 17110