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Medical Insurance – Annuitant Health Care Program (AHCP)
Nonrepresented/SCUPA Employees
Below is the criteria for majority paid coverage in the AHCP, which provides medical benefits upon retirement to employees and their dependents for the retiree’s lifetime.

Eligibility Criteria
Current Hire Date
Years of Service
Type of Service
Prior to July 1, 1997
Credited service* in retirement plan
Credited service* in retirement plan & approved for Disability retirement
July 1, 1997 to
June 30, 2004
Commonwealth/State System service **
Commonwealth/State System service ** & approved for Disability retirement
On/After July 1, 2004
Commonwealth/State System service **
Commonwealth/State System service ** & approved for Disability retirement
On/After January 16, 2016
No retiree health coverage available
*Credited service includes years of service credited by retirement plan (SERS, PSERS or ARP).  May include purchased service.
    ** Commonwealth/State System service does not include employment with a public school (pre-K, K-12).
Enrollment and Forms
1)  Enroll or delay        Complete and return the enrollment/change form to your university benefits office or if you are eligible but wish to delay your enrollment, complete and return the delayed enrollment form to your university benefits office.
2)  Payment Form        Employees enrolled in PSERS or ARP retirement plans, will need to complete and submit a direct payment form to authorize a monthly debit for premiums. Employees enrolled in SERS will automatically have their premiums deducted from their monthly pension check.
3)  Child Dependents    Any dependent children between the ages of 19 and 25 must have a student certification form completed.
4)  Age 65 or Older       Submit a copy of your Medicare card(s) with your AHCP enrollment form
Upon confirmation of your monthly lifetime annuity, your AHCP coverage will be effective the day after your final day of employment. If you delayed enrollment, your coverage will be effective upon loss of coverage or during an open enrollment period, pending confirmation of monthly lifetime annuity. Highmark ID card(s) will be received after your enrollment into AHCP.  You should not use the same cards as when you were an active employee, as your group number will change.  You can log on to the Highmark website at to print a temporary ID card.
For any changes or questions regarding your AHCP coverage after your retirement, go to or contact the retiree benefits office at
Rate and Booklet Information
Nonrepresented and SCUPA retiring who are currently under age 65 or over age 65 and enrolled in the active Highmark PPO:
Retirement Date
07/01/17 – 06/30/18
Medicare Information
If Medicare eligible when you retire and you are enrolling in the AHCP, contact Social Security to make sure you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B effective the first of the month in which you will retire.
Social Security -  800.722.1213
Medicare -  800.633.4227
Medicare will pay primary and ACHP will pay secondary on claims. For more details on benefits and coverage, visit the Medicare benefits summary.