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​Spousal Eligibility

Spousal Attestation Information  

If you are hired on/after July 1, 2013:

Spouse/domestic partner enrollment in the PASSHE plan requires primary coverage under the spouse's/domestic partner's employer group health plan, if available, regardless of cost to the spouse/domestic partner, and regardless of whether the spouse/domestic partner has been offered an incentive to decline coverage.


If you were hired prior to July 2013:

If you wish to enroll your spouse/domestic partner in the PASSHE plan and that person is eligible for single coverage in their own employers health plan and that single coverage is available at no cost to the employee, then your spouse/domestic partner must enroll in that coverage as a condition for enrollment for secondary coverage in the PASSHE plan.

Spouse Employer Information Form

All spousal eligibility forms, as well as any required dependent documentation (e.g. marriage certificate, domestic partnership verification forms) are due back to the university benefits office within 60 days.  If the applicable information is not returned, the spouse/partner's coverage will be cancelled by the Central Office retroactive to the date of enrollment.

Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefits

Not all bargaining units offer same sex domestic partner benefits and as such, some forms may not be applicable to you. Currently, same sex domestic partner medical benefits are offered to Faculty and Non-Faculty Coaches or Nonrepresented (for those already enrolled in the plan prior to 1/1/2016).