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Leave and Time Off
All permanent, full-time State System employees are compensated with paid personal leave, sick leave, and holidays each calendar year. Review the information below or your applicable collective bargaining agreement for further detail and entitlement.
Sick Leave
Faculty Status
Regular full-time
15 days each academic year of service
Regular part-time
Pro-rated based upon your standard workload assigned
Full-time temporary employed for 1 academic year
15 days
Full-time temporary employed for 1 academic semester
7.5 days
Part-time temporary
1 day per semester
·          Use limited to 90 days per calendar year
·          Unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
·          Unlimited accumulation
·          Faculty members with at least 315 accumulated sick days must contribute 1 day annually to sick leave bank
Bereavement and Sick Family Leave
Days (per calendar year)
Death of immediate family. No leave will be charged for up to 3 days; faculty member may use up to an additional 2 days of sick leave for this purpose
3-5 days
Sickness of immediate family
5 days
Sick Leave Payout Upon Retirement*
Days Available at Retirement
Maximum days of
unused sick leave paid
10 – 74
75 – 149
150 – 224
225 – 299
300 and over
*certain eligibility criteria must be met
·         Maximum 50 days of leave paid to survivor for death while in active service*
·         For death while in active service, payment according to the schedule above*

Personal Leave
Faculty (Full-time Regular and Temporary)
12-month faculty members
5 days per calendar year
10-month faculty members
3 days per calendar year
9-month faculty members
2 days per calendar year
Regular part-time faculty members
Pro-rated basis
Temporary part-time  faculty members
Not eligible
·      No carryover from previous year
12-Month Administrative Faculty whose basic responsibilities lie primarily outside the classroom -
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr., Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Observation of holidays may vary by university