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Leave and Time Off
All permanent, full-time State System employees are compensated with paid annual leave, personal leave, sick leave, and holidays each calendar year. Review the information below or your applicable collective bargaining agreement for further detail and entitlement.
Annual Leave
Years of Service
Accumulation Rate
Up to 3
2.70% of hours paid
7 days per year
3 - 15
5.77% of hours paid
15 days per year
15 - 25
7.70% of hours paid
20 days per year
Over 25
10% of hours paid
26 days per year
·   Up to 45 days of unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
·   Leave in excess of 45 days not used within the first seven pay periods of the new leave calendar year will be converted to sick leave up to the maximum accumulation
·   Payment for unused leave at termination/retirement
Sick Leave
Accumulation Rate
5% of regular hours paid
13 days per year
·    Unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
·    300 days maximum accumulation
Bereavement and Sick Family Leave
Death of relative
3-5 days depending on relationship
Sickness of immediate family
5 days per calendar year
Additional leave for sickness in immediate family may be used for a serious health condition after meeting certain criteria; employees may use accrued sick leave, in addition to the five day entitlement, for a family member’s serious health condition in accordance with the following schedule:
Leave Service Credit
Over 1 – 3 years
7 days
Over 3 – 15 years
15 days
Over 15 – 25 years
20 days
Over 25 years
26 days
Sick Leave Payout Upon Retirement*
Days Accumulated
Percentage Buy-Out
Maximum Days Paid
0 - 100
101 - 200
201 - 300
Over 300
 (in last year of employment)
100% of days over 300
*Certain eligibility criteria must be met
       100% of unused leave paid to survivor for work-related death
       For death while in active service, payment according to the schedule above*
Personal Leave
Full-time employees
Year of Employment
First calendar year of employment
1 day
Second calendar year of employment
1 day per one-half calendar year (2 days)
Third calendar year of employment
2 days in first half calendar year and
1 day in second half calendar year (3 days)
Fourth calendar year of employment
1 day per one-quarter calendar year (4 days)
Fifth and subsequent calendar years
1 day in first, second, and fourth quarters calendar year
2 days in third quarter calendar year (5 days)
Permanent part-time employees earn personal leave on a pro-rated basis
·      Personal leave not used within the leave calendar year in which it was earned may be carried over for the first seven pay periods of the next leave calendar year. Any days not used within the first seven pay periods of the next leave calendar year will be lost.
·      Payment for unused accrued leave at termination/retirement
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr., Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
·         Observation of holidays may vary by university