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Voluntary Retirement Programs
Contribute a portion of your salary for retirement on a pre-tax basis. All employees are eligible to participate.

The State System offers two additional options to save and invest extra money for retirement, whether you are supplementing your group retirement plan or you are not eligible to enroll in the group retirement plan.
- Available to all employees upon their date of hire.
- Participation in the program is voluntary, employees can choose to contribute up to the annual IRS limits in both plans.
- There is no employer match.
- Employee chooses investment

Tax Sheltered Annuity - 403(b)

Employees may contribute to any of the current vendors of the 403(b) plan on a before-tax basis. It is the employee’s responsibility to choose a TSA vendor and the investments offered to determine which vendor is best suited for their needs.
Complete all three steps to enroll in a TSA plan.  You must enroll with the vendor prior to submitting a completed TSA/403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement to your University Human Resource office. You will be required to show a copy of your new account confirmation.
PPOPic.PNG EnrollVendorPic.PNGEnrollUniversityPic.PNG
Plan Documents and Information

Deferred Compensation Plan - 457

A governmental 457 plan. The program was established by the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS), which contracts with Empower Retirement, the retirement business of Great West Financial, to serve as the administrator.

Employees have the flexibility to choose traditional or Roth contributions. Traditional 457 contributions are made on a before-tax basis, and you pay income taxes only when you take a distribution. All Roth contributions are made with after-tax dollars. Meet with an Empower Retirement Plan Counselor to get started by enrolling in 457 plan.
Plan Documents and Information
Please note the State System's deferral of an employee's salary to the TSA or deferred compensation program is not an endorsement of the investments offered by the vendor. It is the sole responsibility of the employee to determine whether the vendor and its investment choices are appropriate for the employee.You must have an active account with the TSA prior to making payroll elections. The State System TSA 403(b) and deferred compenstation 457 plans are completely voluntary.