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The 2015 campaign is closed. 

Thank you to our recognized leadership givers in 2016!


 State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA)  

What is SECA? 

The State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA) is the annual combined charitable giving campaign for employees that work for the Commonwealth of PA, which includes the State System of Higher Education. Employees have the opportunity to donate to any of hundreds of participating non-profit charities. 
The 2015 SECA campaign runs Tuesday, September 8 through Friday, October 30. 

How to Donate?

1) Payroll Deduction
- An easy automatic and no-hassle way to donate through each of 20/26 annual pay periods
- May be made through ESS or via paper pledge form; Click here for the directions to enroll online.
- Deductions begin first pay date of January 2016
2) One-time Donation
- A single donation made through ESS or via check or money order (SECA cannot accept cash or credit cards)
- One-time donation comes out of your first pay in January 2016
Contact your university SECA Coordinator for more information  

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