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The 2016 SECA campaign is Sept. 6 to Oct. 28. Our goal is to raise $3.17 million for charitable organizations helping people and the environment. 

About SECA
The State Employee Combined Appeal is the annual workplace charitable giving campaign for commonwealth employees, which includes the State System. For over 30 years, SECA has enabled employees to support their favorite charities through flexible and convenient giving options.
Our Charities

Approximately 1,000 charities participate in the SECA campaign, allowing donors to choose from a wide variety of charities with humanitarian and environmental missions. All charities are represented by one of nine umbrella organizations.

make a donation?
Employees should complete their donation through our ESS system. Employees can make a single donation or bi-weekly deductions. 
Deductions begin the first pay date of January 2017, including the one-time deduction. Directions to enroll can be found by clicking here.

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