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Public Employment

Nearly all employees working for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education are public employees.  As a result of this status, public employees possess certain rights that people employed in the private sector do not have.  Beyond being protected by federal and state anti-discrimination laws, public employees are afforded due process and free speech rights under the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions.  The due process clauses in the constitutions prohibit the federal and state government from taking certain actions against employees when it is acting as an employer.  Basically, a public employer is unable to deprive a person employment without first affording the person due process.

This section of the web site will pose questions relating primarily to the above-referenced constitutional issues and explain how the State System as a public employer should address them.  In the future, the editors hope to address employment issues that arise from federal and state statutes and regulations, e.g., Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Collective Bargaining Agreements of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education