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Facilities Manual


Volume I. Statutory Requirements (Act 188) Volume II. Board of Governors Policies and Regulations
  • Appendix II-1 - Board of Governors Facilities Policies and Regulations
Volume III. Facilities Maintenance Projects
  • Appendix III-1 - Act 1993 -50
Volume IV. Capital Appropriations Approval Process Volume V. System Financed Capital Projects Planning and Programming Guide Volume VI. Facilities Planning Volume VI-A. Inventory Volume VI-B. Space Guidelines
Volume VI-C. University Master Planning
  • Figure 1. Master Planning Process
  • Figure 2. University Master Planning
Volume VI-D. Condition Audits and Life Cycle Requirements Volume VII. Programming
Volume VII-A. Capital Appropriated Projects
Volume VII-B. State System Financed Projects
Volume VII-C. Real Estate Manual Volume VII-D. Emergency Projects Volume VII-E. Special Projects Planning
Volume VIII. Accomplishment of Facilities Projects
Volume VIII-A. State System of Higher Education Facilities Project Administration Volume VIII-B. Department of General Services Facilities Projects Administration
Volume IX. Special Projects Volume IX-A. Official Residences Volume IX-B. Historic Facilities Volume IX-C. Statutory Requirements
Volume IX-D. Shared-Funded Capital Projects
Volume X. Facilities Reports Glossary of Terms

Revised: 12/23/03