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Statutes and Policies

Act 57, Commonwealth Procurement Code (2002 amendments)
Anti-Bid Rigging Act, 62 Pa.C.S. §4501 et seq.
Board of Claims Act amendments
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Board of Claims
MBE/WBE Program
Policy 1998-04-A Procurement of Goods, Services, Supplies, and Construction
Prevailing Wage Act, 43 P.S. §§ 165-1, et seq.
Prevailing Wage Regulations
Reciprocal Limitations Act (revised 2/02)
Reciprocal Limitations Act , 62 Pa.C.S. §107
Separate Specifications Law, 71 P.S. §1618
Steel Products Procurement Act , 73 P.S. §1881, et seq.