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Additional Contract Forms may be found in the Contract Preparation Manual, List of Appendices on page v., or on the website for the PA Department of General Services.)

Pre-Approved Contract Forms and Attachments

Please note that PASSHE should not use the most current form posted on DGS's webpage as to the Commonwealth's Standard Terms and Conditions. This is due to the fact that the documentation contains contractual obligations pertaining to the Commonwealth's SAP system and protocols which differ from PASSHE's.
 Commonwealth Standard Contract Terms and Conditions (revised 4/2011)
 Commonwealth Standard Contract Terms and Conditions (revised 5/7/04)
Service Purchase Contract (revised 5/7/04)
Service/Bid Contract (revised 5/7/04)
General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders (revised 1/17/03)

Blueback Contracts

Interagency Memorandum of Understanding
Renewal by Letter
Standard Blueback Contract


Emergency Certification
Sole Source Certification

Contracts Involving Construction

Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement (GESA)
Facilities Requirements Contract Form 71-K-120
Separate Primes Contract Form 71-K-150
Standard Form of Agreement for Facilities Projects Form 71-K-110

Contracts Involving Real Property

Facilities Use Agreement (2/00)
Lease of Non-Commonwealth Property
Real Estate Closing Checklist
Standard Real Estate Sales Agreement (revised 3/97)

Miscellaneous Contract Forms

Transmittal Form