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Kutztown University takes social media to the next level

​Kutztown University now offers a degree in social media theory and strategy to keep students relevant to today’s market. 

Employers are demanding and paying top salaries for the digital competency and skills that are taught in Kutztown University's exciting new Bachelor of Science in Social Media Theory and Strategy program.

Graduates of the program will be equipped with the skills needed for success, longevity and leadership in careers rooted in social media content development, management, administration, marketing and analysis.

Students will be able to apply social media knowledge to endeavors such as:
• Social media content management
• Social media analytics
• Lead generation
• Public advocacy
• Digital marketing management
• Concept promotion
• E-commerce
• Digital content marketing
• Pay per click (PPC) ad construction and evaluation
• Content marketing

Because this is a unique degree designed to serve a burgeoning field, it will give Kutztown University graduates a competitive advantage.

Courses in the program will be taught by faculty in the departments of Business Administration, Communication Studies and English.

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