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Procedures and Standards

view 2014-18Drop/Add Procedure 2014-18Academic, Students
view 2013-17Conducting Investigations Received through PASSHE's Incident Reporting System 2013-17Audits, Finance
view 2013-16Nonrepresented Employees Performance and Reward Program 2013-16Finance, Personnel, Social Equity and Equal Opportunity
view 2013-15Relationships with Affiliated Entities 2013-15Finance
view 2012-14Compliance with United States Export Control Laws 2012-14Academic, Personnel, Research, Students, Travel
view 2012-13Academic DegreesAcademic, Degrees
view 2012-12Fiduciary AgreementsAdvancement, Finance, Purchasing and Contracts
view 2012-11Delegation of Authority to Administer Facilities ProjectsFacilities
view 2011-10Guidelines for University Use of Cell PhonesFinance, Information Technology, Personnel
view 2011-09Style GuideFinance, Information Technology, Personnel
view 2011-08HR Manual of Commonwealth Management Directives and ManualsPersonnel
view 2011-07Expenditures of Public Funds Guidelines, Standards, and LimitsAdvancement, Finance, Personnel, Public Relations, Purchasing and Contracts
view 2011-05Recording of Revenues and Expenses of Summer SessionsAcademic, Finance
view 2011-04Accounting for Privatized HousingFacilities, Finance
view 2011-03Recording of Revenues and Expenses as Operating or NonoperatingFinance
view 2011-02Tuition and Mandatory FeesAcademic, Finance, Tuition and Fees
view 2011-01Facilities ManualFacilities, Finance, Real Estate