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State System Tax Procedures for University Operations

2015-1 State System Tax Exemption.pdf2015-1 State System Tax Exemption Status and Filing Requirements
2015-2 Sales Excise and Occupancy Taxes.pdf2015-2 State, Local, and Excise Taxes
2015-3 Temporary Work Assignments.pdf2015-3 Temporary Work Assignments and Permanent Transfers
2015-4 Wage Repayments.pdf2015-4 Wage Repayments
2015-5 Benefits Provided by Third Parties.pdf2015-5 Compensation and Benefits Provided to Employees by Third Parties
2015-6 Meals Provided to Employees.pdf2015-6 Reimbursements for Meals to Employees Who are Not in Overnight Travel Status
2017-1-A Employee Moving Expenses.pdf2017-1-A Employee Moving Expenses
Moving Expenses Form.xlsxMoving Expenses Form
Report of Compensation Provided by Affiliate.docxSample Report of Compensation and Benefits Provided to Employees by University Affiliate
Report of Fringe Benefits.docxReport of Fringe Benefit or Third-Party Payment Taxable and/or Reportable on IRS Form W-2