Qualified Collaborative Contracts

Through the QCC process, qualified suppliers enter into Master Agreements within applicable product/service categories. The multiple participation award contract is the first step in a two-step procurement process. Successful placement on a QCC supplier List provides suppliers with the ability to provide goods/services on an as needed basis only. There is no guarantee that the State System will request a supplier to provide the goods/services. The second step in the procurement process involves the solicitation of quotes via RFQ.


Background Screening Services.xlsx
Contracts expire: 10/31/17

Consulting and Professional Services.xlsx 
Contracts expire: 6/30/15

Executive Search Services.xls
Contracts expire: 6/30/15
2014-QCC-LAV-08 AWARD LIST.pdf (Contracts Pending - 4/29/15)

Financial Aid Services.xls
Contracts expire: 6/30/15 or 9/30/15

IT Consulting and Support Services.xlsx
Contracts expire: 6/30/15

IT Equipment and Hardware.xlsx
Contracts expire: 6/30/15

Temporary Personnel Services.xlsx
Contracts expire: 6/30/15 or 6/30/18
2015-QCC-LAV-02 (Award Pending - 4/29/15)