Qualified Collaborative Contracts

Some solicitations are issued as Qualified Collaborative Contracts (QCC). Typically these solicitations are issued for goods/services where it makes business sense to have multiple suppliers on contract, or the need for the goods/services may be more immediate, so the contracts are done in advance. Suppliers must submit a proposal in response to the initial Request For Proposals (RFP) and be selected for qualification in order to receive future Requests for Quotations. By utilizing QCCs, PASSHE is able to optimize its combined buying power through coordinated and collaborative purchasing initiatives among the Office of the Chancellor and the universities. QCCs are put in place to gain advantageous pricing, delivery, quality products and services, and ease of ordering. The Office of the Chancellor’s Strategic Sourcing Office will, by working collaboratively with its university purchasing personnel, continually monitor these agreements to ensure the optimum product and service levels are achieved and that they meet competitiveness, quality, and supplier responsiveness.

Universities are not precluded from procuring good/services from suppliers who do not appear on the Qualified Suppliers Lists. Award of a contract does not guarantee business, but does guarantee an opportunity to bid on all procurements over $20,000 within specific categories. Purchases under $18,900 are open sourced. Universities may select any supplier from a Qualified Suppliers List or select any supplier outside of the Qualified Suppliers List. For purchases between $19,100 and $20,000, universities may select any supplier from the Qualified Suppliers List. If the procurement is over $20,000, all qualified suppliers within the applicable competency area will be eligible to submit a quote. A Request for Quotes (RFQ) will be issued and will be posted for at PASSHE's eProcurement Exchange and/or at the university website.

Copies of contracts are located at the PA Treasury website. Additional resource information for PASSHE employees is available at PASSHE's intranet site (logon required).

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