​​System Redesign -  Moving forward toward sustained success​​

​The State System is transforming itself to expand educational opportunities for students​

Student success is our number one priority and the success of our universities is critical to the future of Pennsylvania. We are redesigning the State System so that student success and university success are linked.

What began with a top-to-bottom System Review, soon transitioned into System Redesign. In Phase 1, we began by setting three strategic priorities and then making important changes to help us be more flexible and responsive.​​

Our Three Priorities

1Ensuring student success

2 Leveraging university strengths

3Transforming the governance/leadership structure​​​​​

Phase 1  Complete

Establish strategic priorities; address immediate needs


  • Delegated authority to the chancellor to approve new degree programs brought forward by the universities—increasing the speed at which new programs move from concept to reality; this will allow students to have quicker access to new programs.
  • Streamlined the processes for facilities planning and real property acquisition/disposal; this will allow the universities to operate more efficiently.
  • Eliminated or updated more than two dozen outdated, unnecessary, or burdensome policies; this will enable the universities to be more nimble.
  • Identified additional policy changes to provide greater flexibility to the universities; this will continue efforts to empower the universities to better meet the needs of students.
  • Launched a webpage to enable everyone to engage in the System Redesign effort, provide comments on proposed policy changes, and track the progress of the task groups; this will ensure the involvement of all stakeholders in the process.​

Phase 2  In Progress

Define the vision | Develop detailed implementation plans​

​Phase 2​ began in the fall of 2018 with the arrival of the new chancellor, Dan Greenstein. ​


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Phase 3  Coming Soon

Execute plans with continual review for improvement

​Phase 3 begins in 2020.