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   Task Groups




Collaborative Pricing & Regional Affordability and Collaborative Allocation of Resources  

NOTE: These two task groups are grouped together because they are closely related. These tasks will be handled sequentially—once the first one is completed, the other will begin.


The Board of Governors recently established the following three key strategic priorities: (1) Ensuring Student Success, (2) Leveraging University Strengths, and (3) Transforming the Governance/Leadership Structure. Leveraging University Strengths requires flexibility to recognize regional differences in the cost and price of delivery of academic programs and more collaborative funding mechanisms.



1. Develop recommendations for flexibility to align and achieve regional affordability through strategic pricing efforts. (Phase 1)

2. Develop recommendations for allocating resources (financial, geographic, human, and physical) to promote collaboration, innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. (Phase 2)



The task groups have the authority to confer with any System and/or university personnel, as well as to consult with outside experts whom they deem helpful to the charge. The task groups will determine their own outline of actions to accomplish the charge and achieve the deliverables, beginning with strategic pricing recommendations that recognize regional differences in ability to pay, followed by collaborative funding allocation solutions. The Office of the Chancellor will provide support as required by the task group, including content experts.



Recommend revisions to policies and/or procedures/standards, as necessary.



By March 31, 2018, the Collaborative Pricing & Regional Affordability task group will recommend revisions to policies and/or procedures/standards as they relate to pricing. By June 30, 2018, the Collaborative Allocation of Resources task group will recommend revisions to policies and/or procedures/standards as they relate to allocation of resources..



Acceptable policies and/or procedures/standards are adopted.