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 Reporting Reform Task Group




Board of Governors Policies Rescinded

As of July 2018

The following policies have been reviewed and are considered no longer necessary for various reasons, primarily because they are outdated, have been superseded by other policy or practice, or are not a typical subject for board policy.  

Policy 1984-10 Mission
Rationale: This is not a typical subject of a board policy. Mission and vision statements are typically developed and/or revised as part of periodic strategic planning and strategic priority setting exercises. The policy has not been revised since 1984 and while the mission has been re-interpreted in recent System strategic plans, the System mission belongs in other guiding documents not in Board policy.

Policy 1990-30-A Finance, Operation, Maintenance, and Capital Renewal of Auxiliary Facilities
Rationale: The important provisions of this policy will be incorporated into Board of Governors Policy 1996-03-A: Defining Auxiliary Enterprises and Associated Cost Allocation. The remainder of the information in the policy is unnecessary or included in existing procedures published in the State System’s Facilities Manual.

Policy 1997-02 Community Relations
Rationale: This is not a typical subject of a board policy. This general guidance is not necessary.

Policy 1998-02 Human Resource Complement Management
Rationale: The practice established by this policy is now outdated and obsolete. With the implementation of the SAP human resources module, universities have increased capabilities for managing and reporting their employee complement. Additionally, each university president is responsible for determining the most appropriate levels and types of staffing for their university within available resources. Therefore, this policy is unnecessary.

Policy 2001-01 Graphic Identity
Rationale: This is not a typical subject of a board policy. This guidance can and will be communicated through other working documents. Therefore, this policy is unnecessary.

Policy 2002-02 Duties and Responsibilities of Presidents​
Rationale: This is not a typical subject of a board policy. As written, it is very generic and where specifics are given it is to an accountability framework no longer in practice. Act 188 of 1982 establishes specific duties and responsibilities of university presidents in the System. As presidential searches occur, guidance is given to universities searching for new presidents. Care is taken to interpret these specific to the needs of the university and of the System at the time. Therefore, this policy is unnecessary.