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 Reporting Reform Task Group




Board of Governors Policies 

Revised July 2018

The following policies have been revised to reflect current standards, practices, and nomenclature.  

Rationale: Minor amendments are proposed to prescribe that the accounting for student activity fees must be in accordance with the standards set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Policy 1983-22-A Use of Facilities
Rationale: Minor amendments are proposed to reflect changes to other policies that are referenced in the footnotes.

Policy 1983-24-A Decentralization of the Position Classification Process in the State System

Rationale: The policy remains essential to ensure consistent position classification throughout the System. However, it is recommended to delete the section dealing with civil service appointments to the State System, as it has become outdated.

Policy 1988-01 Collection of Any Monies from Students
Rationale: The policy needs to be updated to allow universities also to collect housing fees on behalf of affiliates.

Policy 1993-03 Budgetary Reporting and Review
Rationale: Minor amendments are proposed to reflect current System nomenclature and other minor editorial changes.

Policy 1994-01 Administration of the Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund (Act 50 of 1993)
Rationale: Minor amendments are proposed to reflect changes to the reporting requirements regarding the use of these Commonwealth funds for deferred maintenance, as well as other minor editorial changes.

Policy 1996-03 Defining Auxiliary Enterprises and Associated Cost Allocation
Rationale: The proposed policy amendments provide clarity, identify the specific costs that must be allocated to auxiliary enterprises, and prescribe allocation methods for indirect costs. In addition, the proposed policy now addresses life-cycle maintenance requirements, so that Board of Governors Policy 1990-03-A: Finance, Operation, Maintenance, and Capital Renewal of Auxiliary Facilities can be rescinded. It is also recommended the policy be renamed as Board of Governors Policy 1996-03-A: Defining Auxiliary Enterprises and Establishing Financial Reporting Requirements.