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Student Success


The Board of Governors recently approved three key strategic priorities: 1) Ensuring Student Success, 2) Leveraging University Strengths, and 3) Transforming the Leadership/Governance Structure. A clearly articulated definition of student success and the identification of metrics is the first step in providing clarity to what Ensuring Student Success really means. 



1. Recommend a definition of “Student Success” and the metrics by which to measure it.

2. Recommend an “Ensuring Student Success” outcomes statement.



The task group has the authority to confer with any system and/or university personnel as well as consult with outside experts they deem helpful to the charge. The task group will determine its own outline of actions to take to accomplish the charge and achieve the deliverables. The Office of the Chancellor will provide support as proposed by the task group, including a content expert.



Draft definition of Student Success; metrics by which Student Success is measured; and an Ensuring Student Success outcomes statement.

Ensure the definition(s) and metrics address the outcomes as stated in the Board of Governors Student Success Committee charge: “ensuring all students graduate in a timely manner with a path forward that leads to individual fulfillment and career success.”



Task group will provide deliverables no later than February 28, 2018.



Acceptable definition, metrics, and outcomes statement are adopted.