Collaborative Pricing & Regional Affordability      
Phase 1 Task Groups



Proposed Changes to Tuition Policy

​The Collaborative Pricing and Regional Affordability (CPRA) Task Group has been drafting revisions to Board of Governors Policy 1999-02-A: Tuition, based on the draft recommendations included in the task group’s paper entitled Pricing Strategies for Affordability Conceptual Framework, and taking into consideration the feedback received to date from all stakeholders.

Provided for consideration is the draft revised BOG Policy 1999-02-A: Tuition, as recommended by the task group. This represents a complete re-write of the policy; given the extensive changes, this draft does not track changes but only reflects the actual proposed language. (For reference, view the existing policy.) 


Note: If the proposed policy revision is accepted, recommendation will be made that the following policies be rescinded:

1984-08-A: Board of Governors Scholars Program

1986-03: Waiver of Tuition Differential

1996-01-A: Sources of Funding for University Scholarships