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Student Name

Rubin Rhodes


Philadelphia, Pa.




Guidance counseling and student affairs


Graduate student

Success Story

Normally kids who go to college are looked up to, but not where Rubin Rhodes is from. He says a lot of the other kids from inner city Philadelphia haven’t been as lucky as him, and they typically look down on college kids. According to Rhodes, they don’t really understand why somebody would abandon their home to go be a “college boy.”
However, for Rhodes, it wasn’t really much of a choice. He was given the option to either go to college or move out of his house. Since he wasn’t ready to move out, he packed up his things and headed to Bloomsburg.
“I didn’t grow up in a great neighborhood,” Rhodes says. “There’s a lot of street crime. On top of that, there are a lot of corrupt police officers. I was sick of seeing this, so I majored in criminal justice to hopefully someday work in an internal affairs bureau to stop police corruption.”
When he first came to BU he admits to having a pretty hard time adjusting … “typical freshmen jitters.”
“I think I was just dealing with the stress of everything,” Rhodes says. “It was kind of a culture shock. Between the stress of meeting new people, adjusting to this new area and having kids back home just waiting for me to screw up; it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.”
Through the many avenues Bloomsburg offers students to achieve success, Rhodes was able to quickly find his niche before the start of his sophomore year. In his four years on campus, Rhodes built quite an impressive resume.
Rhodes was a member of the criminal justice honor society, Xae Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, a Who’s Who award recipient, PASSHE Board of Governors scholar, and a mentor for the Social Justice Living and Learning Community. He also spent time working in the Office of Diversity and Retention and completed an internship with the North Central Secure Treatment Unit in Danville.
Rhodes is currently pursuing his master’s degree in counseling and continuing his summer work at camps for intellectually disabled individuals.


There are a lot of great professors here on campus who have helped me fight my way against the current, and even if they didn’t know it, it meant the world to me. It’s thanks to these professors that I am now a member of the 2012 Bloomsburg graduating class.


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