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Student Name

Matthew Hess


Bloomsburg, Pa.




Geography and planning



Success Story

Matthew Hess is a well-balanced student, equally focused on the inside and outside of the classroom. It’s a fitting trait for this Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania geography and planning major. Hess not only excels at his studies - carrying a 4.0 GPA as an Honors student - but is passionate and committed to the earth and its environment, as evident by his numerous research activities in support of that passion.
Hess has been instrumental in collaborations among the university and Town of Bloomsburg and Columbia County. He has worked with two professors in researching the parking availability for downtown Bloomsburg. Also, he volunteers at the Columbia County GIS office assisting its staff in updating land boundaries and subdivisions mapping. One of his next goals is to work with the town on education of litter being dumped into storm water drains and its effect on the Susquehanna River.
"The geography and planning program here allows me the opportunity to help others and work toward sustainable development, as well as actively preparing me to make that dream a reality,” Hess says.
As a sophomore, Hess was elected president of the Geography and Planning Society and currently serves as vice president of the Mapping, Planning Environmental and Rock Society, as well as being a member of the Green Campus Initiatives Committee. He was awarded a very competitive undergraduate research opportunity at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., this past summer and will present his research at the national meeting of the Association of American Geographers this spring in Tampa.


The staff and faculty remember your name and are always available to help. Their doors are always open.


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