Highlighted Programs

With the exponential demand for graphic designers created by the Internet, Kutztown University’s program in Communication Design is in high demand. Students within this ever-changing field of study are on the cutting edge of computer graphics, advertising, product and web design. Because of the university’s proximity to Philadelphia and New York City, KU’s “CD” program often places interns at major advertising and design firms. Graduates from this program can be found throughout the nation working for top companies creating computer-generated art, greeting cards and even children’s television programming.

Breaking new ground and announcing major discoveries is fast becoming a tradition for Kutztown University’s Department of Geology.  Under the guidance of KU faculty, students spend a portion of their summer vacation on location in hot deserts and remote regions of the world conducting field research that extends the frontiers of research. A recent example is the discovery by a KU research team revealing fossilized evidence of a dinosaur digging into the burrow of a mammal. The news made international headlines and helped scientists across the globe better understand how these two prehistoric creatures interacted.