​​​​​​​​​​The Faculty Council engages in strategic conversations about issues that affect the State System and its universities in  areas such as academics, budget and planning, and, ultimately, student success. ​

Board of Governors Policy


​Elected Members​

​University Name Email
Tina Entzminger bentzmin@bloomu.edu
Robert Mehalik mehalik@calu.edu
Cheyney O Denis Ekwerike ODEkwerike@cheyney.edu
Clarion Jamie Phillips jphillips@clarion.edu
Commonwealth TBD
East Stroudsburg Nancy VanArsdale npva@esu.edu
Edinboro Wayne Hawley whawley@edinboro.edu
Indiana Francisco Alarcón falarcon@iup.edu
Kutztown Amanda Morris amorris@kutztown.edu
Lock Haven  Stanley Berard sberard@lockhaven.edu 
Mansfield Rebecca Parks rparks@mansfield.edu
Millersville Tiffany Wright Tiffany.Wright@millersville.edu
PennWest Wayne Hawley whawley@edinboro.edu
Shippensburg Sara Grove sagrov@ship.edu
Slippery Rock Lia Paradis Lia.paradis@sru.edu
West Chester
Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak CCHIARELLI@wcupa.edu


Guiding Principles​

The guiding principles for the Faculty Council—developed October 2020 by the Board’s Commission on Faculty Shared Governance​ to guide its work in developing a shared governance model to inform system-level issues—are that shared governance: 
    • Requires an investment of the time necessary to build relationships that foster mutual accountability, respect, and trust;
    • Provides a forum for engagement; 
    • Requires mutual commitment to a collaborative policy development process; 
    • Respects university-level shared governance/processes; 
    • Reflects processes/structures/ practices that are understandable, accepted, transparent, and sustainable; 
    • Augments, but does not supplant, the existing shared governance role of the collective bargaining unit;
    • Establishes common ground that builds morale and collaboration—acknowledging the successes and failures of the past to inform decision making about the future; 
    • Creates a supportive environment that allows for healthy tension in which sharing of different perspectives and ideas enables problem solving; 
    • Depends upon timely and effective communication with active sharing of reliable information; and, 
    • Requires periodic assessment to gauge effectiveness.​​

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