Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

PA’s first professional sales and marketing degree program ready to grow

​Bloomsburg University has been granted approval by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in professional sales and marketing effective immediately, becoming the only one of its kind in Pennsylvania.

“There is a need within Pennsylvania that this program will address,” said Monica Favia, chair of the Department of Marketing and Professional Sales. “The addition of the major along with BU’s membership in the University Sales Center Alliance represents a distinctive advantage for Bloomsburg University and its students. This fall the first three students will graduate with the major.”

Todd Shawver, dean of the Zeigler College of Business, feels the new major is going to be impactful. “The Professional Sales major is a unique and innovative program within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Shawver. “The program will have a big impact on regional, national, and global economies and will provide our students with boundless and lucrative career opportunities.”

Professional selling is one of the most common jobs for students graduating with a sales degree. Recent research suggests that 60 percent of all business majors and 88 percent of all marketing majors begin their professional careers in a sales-related role.

BU was first named among the top North American schools in 2015 by the Sales Education Foundation’s (SEF) listing of the best universities offering professional sales education. BU is one of only five Pennsylvania institutions included in the listing.

Favia said SEF recognizes institutions for elevating the sales profession through university education. “This recognition will help our students to secure professional sales positions,” she said.

Course requirements for the professional sales and marketing major and its minor are similar. Students also have the opportunity to test their skills at various national sales competit​ions and internally at the annual on-campus competition. In addition, one of the program requirements is to engage in real-world selling. BU sales students have had great success in the sales profession securing positions with a number of corporations.

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