​​Congratulations to the newly appointed trustees at Penn West University and Commonwealth University. As you are all aware, university integrations had a dramatic effect on trustees. The new councils of trustees at PennWest and Commonwealth are made up of 15 members (4 trustees and 1 student trustee from each campus). The appointment of specific trustees was generated by the Governor and recently confirmed by the Senate.  
Unfortunately, the current PACT president, Milissa Bauer, and secretary, Mary Coploff, who were trustees at Clarion and Lock Haven Universities respectively, were not appointed to the new councils, and they have resigned their PACT positions.  This means that the remaining officers will step into their new roles two years early.  I will assume the responsibility of PACT President, and Mike Ross (Shippensburg) will assume the responsibility of first VP, and Karen Russell will continue in her role as treasurer. 
I wish to take a moment to thank Milissa and Mary for their dedication not only to their own universities, but also PACT.  Their leadership throughout the years has laid the foundation that will enable us to move the organization to the next level.  
This will definitely be a year of transition for PACT as we discuss membership, officers, and trustee engagement.  I will keep you in the loop as we move forward. 
Feel free to contact me​ if you have any questions and have a good day. ​

Rich Frerichs, PACT President 

PACT Officers​

Comm​onwealth University ​- Bloomsburg - Mr. Ray Zaborney  
Commonwealth University - Lock Haven - Mr. Krystjan Callahan  
Commonwealth Mansfield, vice chair PACT treasurer - Ms. Karen J. Russell  
PennWest California - Mr. Barry Niccolai  
PennWest Clarion - Honorable Donna Oberlander  
PennWest Edinboro - Mr. Mark A. Bellini  
Cheyney - Ms. Cheryl E. Harper  
East Stroudsburg - Mr. Thomas Grayuski  
Indiana - Mr. Nathan T. Spade  
Kutztown - Mr. John P. Wabby  
Millersville, PACT president -Dr. Richard L. Frerichs  
Shippensburg, PACT first VP - Mr. L. Michael Ross  
Slippery Rock - Mr. Jeffrey Smith  
West Chester - Honorable Stephen Kinsey