System Redesign Phase 1

Policies and System Procedures/Standards Review
Phase 1 Task Group​    ​


An expedited review of Board of Governors’ policies and State System procedures/standards is intended to address NCHEMS’ recommended “adjustments to focus the Office of the Chancellor’s role less on regulation and compliance to focus more on policy leadership, especially for promoting collaboration in order to better mobilize the System’s collective assets” and to support the three strategic priorities recently established by the Board of (1) Ensuring Student Success, (2) Leveraging University Strengths, and (3) Transforming the Governance/Leadership Structure.


In consultation with university leadership and stakeholder constituent groups, review and revise Board policies and System procedures/standards consistent with the System’s strategic priorities.



The task group has the authority to confer with any System and/or university personnel, as well as to consult with outside and content experts whom they deem helpful to the charge. Constituent groups shall be consulted to identify policies for review that are especially problematic, and to recognize existing Board policies and System procedures/standards that serve both campus and State System goals particularly well. Proposed revisions to Board policies shall be posted online for a minimum of 20 days for concurrent review/comment by all constituent groups. Following the review/ comment period, final recommended Board policies and System procedures/standards may be posted online for up to 10 days prior to adoption or implementation. Board policies and/or System procedures/standards currently being reviewed will continue as usual.



  • Review and recommend revisions, consolidations, and rescission of Board policies and System procedures/standards.
  • Obtain and incorporate stakeholder review/comments into final recommendations. 
  • Recommend proposed changes to Board policies to the Board of Governors for approval. 
  • Propose System procedures/standards for approval by the chancellor. 

Nearly one-third of all Board policies were either revised or rescinded through this process.