Task Group


To recommend to the Board for consideration models for how the System should work in supporting student success and university success.
For each model that is proposed, the task group will identify strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as any implications it identifies with respect to how we think about the System’s role, its governance, strategies, and resource planning approaches, etc.

In developing its recommendations, the task group will:

  • Review, consider, and revise a taxonomy of system models, with each identifying key attributes, strengths, and weaknesses (an example of a model might be – a loosely federated system of wholly independent entities each responsible for its own financial sustainability with support of state funding that is distributed – the “Harvard” model). 


Draft recommendations for public review in December 2018; report out to Board of Governors in January 2019


Task Group Materials:
​Materials used by the task group will be updated periodically throughout the process: