System Redesign Phase 2

  Task Group​


To recommend to the Board for consideration two or more university success measurement frameworks to guide the establishment of System goals, university strategies, and associated resource plans. The adopted measurement framework will also inform development of a methodology for allocating state funding, and the accountability framework that will used to evaluate individual and institutional performance and ensure and support continuous improvement.
For each measurement framework that is proposed, the task group will identify strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as any implications with respect to how we think about the System’s role, its governance, strategies, and resource planning approaches, etc.

In developing its recommendations, the task group will:


  • Review System data resources and capabilities.
  • Review and consider emerging best practices in higher education.
  • Recommend measures that enable the System to gather and report on university and System progress in a consistent way, while providing each university the flexibility needed to chart the course that best suits the needs of its students and the community it serves.
  • Recommend measures around which the System ought to set goals.
  • Consider the measures—at both the university and System levels—as an opportunity to guide resource allocation decisions, report on financial health, ensure financial accountability and transparency, and promote financial planning focused on cost and revenue levers as well as financial constraints.



Draft recommendations for public review in December 2018; report out to Board of Governors in January 2019


Task Group Materials:
Materials used by the task group will be updated periodically throughout the process: