System Redesign Phase 3

Integration Working Groups

University Integrations​ System Redesign​ 

Consultative Path

Regional leadership teams are driving the integration planning in northeast and west under the guidance of presidents Bashar Hanna (Bloomsburg University) and Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson (Clarion University), respectively. Both teams have formed a total of 19 working groups: 10 parallel groups, 5 region-specific groups, and 4 joint (cross-regional) groups w​orking together on issues that are common across the regions.

Key constituency groups have been invited to nominate experts to join the working groups and will have an opportunity to engage directly in integration planning work.

      • University presidents will keep university constituencies abreast of planning work through the normal consultation processes, and
      • At the state level, an integration planning advisory board is being established to ensure ongoing input is received from councils of trustees, student government associations, collective bargaining units, board members, and legislators. ​


The framew​ork for the Integration Working Groups include:
    • Integrations Overall Charter – Provides the purpose and organizational structure for the overall Integrations initiative, including integration guidelines with guiding principles. 
    • Working Group Charter – Defines the roles and responsibilities of the Working Groups and articulates the purpose, goals, principles, scope, roles, and deliverables with which the Working Groups are charged. 

Deliverables & Timing

    • ​​Consultation Plan – Determine who to consult with, how, and how Working Group consultation aligns with initiative-level consultation (11/18/20)
    • Critical Path August 2022 – Confirm the critical path milestones and define the critical path steps and timing to meet critical path milestones for Fall 2022 (12/4/20)
    • Aspirational Goals and Annual Targets – Aspirational goals to accomplish by 2026, and define annual integrated institution targets to evaluate progress (12/11/20)
    • Priority 1 Questions (First Draft) – Use above to filter, prioritize, and develop draft recommendations for Priority 1 questions (i.e., key questions to define the future state) and impact analysis (1/8/21)
    • Priority 2 Considerations for 2022-2026 – Outline considerations for what can be done after August 2022 and how it can be sequenced (i.e., known prerequisites) (1/15/21)
    • Priority 1 Questions (Second Draft)  Update recommendations, incorporating feedback from Systems Leadership Team on First Draft (2/12/21)
    • Priority 2 Considerations for 2022-2026 (Second Draft) – Update considerations for what can be done after August 2022 and how it can be sequenced (i.e., known prerequisites) (2/26/21)
    • Priority 1 Questions (Final Draft) – Update recommendations, incorporating feedback from System Leadership Team on Second Draft ​​(3/12/21)​

Memberships & Charges

Please note, all membership lists​ and working group charges are currently in draft form and subject to change as the work progresses.Charges includes specific milestones, questions, and goals to be addressed by each working group specifically. ​​​​​​​​​

Membership Lists​

Draft Northeast Membershi​p

Draft West Membership

Working Group Charges​​