​The Student Success Network is a collaboration between the 14 State System universities and the Office of the Chancellor. Established in 2015, the Student Success Network is charged with sharing insights and collaborating on programs that have proven positive results on student retention, progress, and completion with a special focus on students from recognized minority groups and/or of low socio-economic status.

Student Success Conference

In an effort to address the charge and to bring success strategies to scale, the Student Success Network planned and facilitated the first system-wide Student Success Conference. Primary among the conference planning was the idea that participants would work both within and across universities. Planners felt that conference success, and more  importantly student success, depended heavily on attendees having the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues who usually do not interact at the campus level on issues of student success. One primary goal was for cross divisional teams from each university to leave the conference with a student success plan designed for their university. 

Student Success Conference​