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​​​A 20-member Board of Governors is responsible for planning and coordinating development and operation of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education. The Board establishes broad educational, fiscal, and personnel policies, and oversees the efficient management of the State System. Among other tasks, the Board appoints the chancellor and university presidents, approves new academic programs, sets tuition, and coordinates and approves the annual State System operating budget.    

Eleven Board members are appointed to four-year terms by the Governor of Pennsylvania. Their appointments are confirmed by the PA State Senate. Three students, selected from among the universities' student government association presidents, serve on the Board until graduation. Four legislators are selected by the majority and minority leaders of the PA State Senate and House of Representatives. The Governor of Pennsylvania or a designee also is a Board member, as is the state secretary of education or a designee.

The Board meets at least four times a year. Meetings of the Board of Governors are subject to the Pennsylvania Public Agency Open Meeting Law.​ 

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​All mail for the Board of Governors or for individual Board members should be mailed in care of:

Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education
Dixon University Center
2986 North Second Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110-1201

The telephone number for the Board office is (717) 720-4010 and the fax is (717) 720-4011.​