​​​​​​​​​​​​​​State System management and union representatives encourage you to review all of the information carefully and are hopeful that this innovative wellness program will assist you and your fellow co-workers in continuing your journey to a healthier you!

Healthy U​​

What is Healthy U?
Healthy U is the State System's workplace wellness program for faculty, non-faculty coaches, police and security personnel, nurses, and nonrepresented employees. It is a customized plan for employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners.  The program offers voluntary tools and resources that can be explored and used at any time. 

How do I participate in Healthy U?
In order to successfully complete the Healthy U pro​gram, employees and their enrolled spouse must each complete the RealAge Test by the program deadline.​

Who is eligible to participate in Healthy U?
Healthy U is available to nonrepresented employees, faculty, non-faculty coaches, police and security personnel, and nurses and their spouses/domestic partner​s who are enrolled in the State System of Higher Education Group Health Program’s PPO health plan.

Why should I participate in Healthy U?
Participation in Healthy U will entitle the employee to pay the lowest health plan contribution rates.  This is an obviously considerable financial incentive for employees and spouses/domestic partners to participate in Healthy U.  However, we believe that employees will also be interested in participation in order to become more involved in improving their own health or maintaining their current good health into the future.


How can I be rewarded with the lowest health care premium?
Participation in Healthy U by both the employee and their enrolled spouse/domestic partner, if applicable, will entitle the employee to pay ​the lowest health plan contribution rates.  If either the employee or the enrolled spouse/domestic partner does not meet the participation requirements, the employee will not be eligible for the lowest health plan contribution rates.


What is Sharecare?
Highmark recently partnered with Sharecare to provide a personalized health and wellness experience for members. The Healthy U program is accessed through Sharecare.​ 

What is RealAge?
RealAge is your biological age - how old your body really thinks you are based on your health and health habits, good and bad. To find out, sign into Sharecare and complete the RealAge assessment - it's based on lifestyle, genetics, and medical history. Up to 70% of overall health depends on how well you take care of yourself, so you have a lot of control over how young you are!

What is the science behind the RealAge test?
Your RealAge is deter​mined by many health factors. To learn more about the science behind the RealAge test, ​click here

How do I create an account with Sharecare?
Employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners will need to create an account with Sharecare prior to completing the Healthy U program. Once an account is created with Sharecare, members may access their Sharecare account by using the online version or download the Sharecare app from the App Store or Google Play for use on their mobile devices. Directions on how to create an account can be found in the Healthy U Information​ Guide.

Am I required to enroll in programs that are recommended in Sharecare?
No, however the programs and activities that are recommended based on your RealAge Test results are likely to be the most beneficial to you.  

Issues Creating Sharecare Accounts

Why did I receive an error message of "invalid date" when entering my date of birth?
You should ignore the error message and finish entering your date of birth in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Why did I receive the error message of "user already exists" when I try to create an account?

There are a couple reasons why you may receive this error: ​​

Each p​erson that creates an account is required to enter a unique email address. An employee and spouse cannot use the same email address when creating an account. Try using a different email address for the account.

The email address entered may have been used to create an account on one of Sharecare's sister sites such as DoctorOz.com, RealAge or DailyStrength.org. Try using the Forgot Password link on the account setup screen to unlock the account. 

​If neither solution works, you will need to Submit A Request to Shar​ecare's customer care team so the issue can be researched. You may also contact Highmark customer service at 1.888.745.3212 instead of ​contacting Sharecare.​

Why did I receive the error message of "an account has been claimed using the provided membership data. Please contact Customer Support if you believe this is an error. Error:CA"?
You will need to Submit A Request to Sharecare's customer care team so the issue can be researched. 

Why is https://mycare.sharecare.c​om​ or the Sharecare app not loading?
You will need to check the System Requirements for the Sharecare Web and Mobile Platforms site to ensure your web browser or mobile device is compatible. ​

Who do I contact if I have an issue not listed here?

For technical issues, it is best to submit the issue directly to Sharecare via the Submit A Request​ page. For questions on the Healthy U program, you may contact your university HR department or Highmark's Customer Service at 1.888.745.3212.


Will the personal information that I supply Highmark/Sharecare be kept confidential?
Yes, Highmark and their online wellness vendor, Sharecare, fully comply with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability A​ct (HIPAA) regulations.  Protected health information (PHI) is kept completely confidential and all web transactions occur on a secure site and secure link and will not be shared with your employer.  All reports provided to the employer contain aggregate data only, and contain no individual protected health informat​ion.

Why am I asked to agree to to the terms and conditions outlined in the Americans with​ Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Wellness Program Authorization?
This disclaimer notes that the Healthy U wellness program follows the federal rules governing employer-sponsored wellness programs and touches on some items that may be included in the program (health assessment, conditions, screenings, etc.). It talks through the privacy and security of how the information collected can be used, who can view it, and confirms that you may not be discriminated against in employment because of the medical information provided.  ​

Why I am asked to agree to the HIPAA authorization?
Agreeing to the HIPAA authorization allows you to have continued access to any information in your Sharecare account even if you change group numbers or leave the State System employment. By not agreeing to your authorization, any Sharecare data will be purged from your account after changing Highmark group numbers or leaving the State System employment.

What is Highmark Blue Shield's policy on privacy?​
Your Highmark Blue Shield benefit book contains a section entitled, “Notice of Privacy Practices”, which provides a detailed description of Highmark’s privacy policy.

What is Sharecare​'s policy on privacy?
Sharecare's privacy policy can be viewed by visiting https://www.sharecare.com/static/privacypolicy​​​