​​Our 14 State System Universities provide access to high-value, relevant educational experiences that prepare our students in a timely manner for pathways to successful lives and careers.​ The following system-wide campaigns were developed by Public Affairs​ to support the State System's mission. 

 Video Series

Share short 60-second video testimonials from successful students and alumni, as well as university experiences that focus on success

Timing: Year-round

Hashtag: #SuccessIn60

Follow: Youtube

 Community Relations

 Bring awareness to the impact our universities have on their local communities, their regions, and the Commonwealth

Timing: November - January

Hashtag: #givebackPA

Follow: Wakelet​


Bring awareness to the direct impact our universities have on local businesses and economies, and the impact our graduates have living and working in our communities.​

Timing: April - July

Hashtag: #Prepared4PA

Follow: Twitter, Wakelet, Youtube​