​​​​​​​​​ ​The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for communicating and connecting with the State System’s internal and external stakeholders through three major functions: media relations, governmental relations, and communications. Public Affairs connects with members of the media, elected and appointed government officials, community/business leaders, and the public to convey the value of Pennsylvania's public universities. Public Affairs also coordinates with the public affairs staff at the universities to maximize the impact of outreach efforts at both the local and statewide levels.​   

Cody Jones, Chief Strategic Relations Officer
Cody leads the Public Affairs unit, and is responsible for advancing the System’s public outreach and advocacy initiatives, and for positioning the System as a resource for higher education policy decisions in Pennsylvania. In addition to advising the Chancellor and Board of Governors on messaging and policy development, Cody works with university and System stakeholders—along with the governmental relations, communications, and public relations team—to create integrated, cohesive outreach strategies that convey a consistent message in support of the System’s mission and priorities. ​
Alicia Brumbach, Director of Communications and Social Media
Alicia Brumbach serves the primary communications contact in the Office of the Chancellor concerning the State System’s website, social media, and other related communications efforts. This position also collaborates with the communications teams at the 14 universities and uses communications tools to educate elected officials, community leaders, media professionals, Pennsylvania residents, and all stakeholders on the value of the 14 universities, as well as inform prospective students and parents about the opportunities at State System universities. ​
Jennifer Hoover, Director of Governmental Relations
In this position, Jennifer Hoover, serves as the primary advisor to the Chancellor, Presidents and other senior State System leaders concerning governmental relations. This position provides leadership, direction, management, and administration of governmental relations activities and programs conveying a consistent message in support of the State System’s mission, strategic goals, and objectives. Jennifer maintains a working relationship with key leaders and staff of the General Assembly, the Governor's Office, and the executive agencies in support of the State System. ​
Please direct all media inquiries to Cody Jones (codyjones@passhe.edu) and Alicia Brumbach (abrumbach@passhe.edu​).