​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Residency/Domicile is specifically defined by Commonwealth Regulation and Board of Governors Policy. Although there are many statutes in the Commonwealth that discuss what constitutes domicile, decisions as to whether in state tuition rates are appropriate are exclusively governed by these two authorities. 

The burden of proving domicile, the place where one intends to remain and live permanently or indefinately, is on the student. Therefore, when a student appeals any decision by a university as to a determination of domicile status, great care should be taken by the student to throughly present any and all evidence he or she deems relevant to the issue. 

Initial decisions as to domicile are made at the university level. In the event that you want to appeal a university's decision, it is at that time that the Office of the Chancellor should be contacted. Prior to the appeal stage, it would be premature for the Chancellor's Office to become involved. 

Appeals should be received by the Office of the Chancellor within 30 days of a university's determination. ​

Domicile appeals should be mailed to: 

Domicile Appeal 
Office of the Chancellor 
2300 Vartan Way, Suite 207
Harrisburg, PA 17110​

 Statutes, Regulations & Forms

Student Domicile Determination Regulations​ , 22 Pa. Code §§ 507.1, et seq.

Board of Governor Policy 1985-03​, Student Domicile Regulations

Residency Classification Data Collection Form​​  (This form is to be filed with your university registrar when requesting in-state residency classification. This document will assist with determinations made at the university, and if filed, the appeal letter. Being as comprehensive as possible will assist administrators with making their final determinations.)​