Policy No.Title
View 2021-01Faculty Council
View 2020-03Act 50 of 2020 Implementation Policy
View 2020-02Amorous Relationships
View 2020-01Sexual Misconduct
View 2019-02Guidance on Campus Police Authority to Effect Arrests
View 2019-01University Financial Sustainability Policy
View 2017-01Students Affected by Disasters
View 2015-01Veterans’ In-State Tuition Benefits
View 2014-01-AProtection of Minors
View 2013-02Evaluating the Chancellor
View 2013-01-AProcess for Appointment of PASSHE Chancellor
View 2012-01Conflict of Interest
View 2010-01-AExpenditures of Public Funds
View 2009-03-ANon-Discrimination Policy
View 2009-02Acceptable Use of Technology
View 2009-01Criminal Background Investigations
View 2002-05Service on Public and Private Boards by Chancellor and Presidents
View 2002-04-AAcademic Calendar
View 2002-03-AEvaluating Presidents
View 2000-03-AConferral of Emeriti Status
View 2000-02-ACapital Facilities Planning, Programming, and Funding
View 1999-02-ATuition
View 1999-01-AThe Student Transfer Policy
View 1998-04-AProcurement of Goods, Services, Supplies, and Construction
View 1997-03Naming of State System of Higher Education Facilities
View 1996-03-ADefining Auxiliary Enterprises and Associated Cost Allocation
View 1995-02Facilities Projects Contract Compliance Program
View 1994-01-AAdministration of the Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund (Act 50 of 1993)
View 1993-03-ABudget Reporting and Review
View 1993-01-AGeneral Education at State System of Higher Education Universities
View 1991-06-AState System Audit Policy
View 1991-05-ADelegation of Authority for State System Real Property
View 1991-04-AVolunteerism
View 1991-03-AVisiting Student Program
View 1990-06-AAcademic Degrees
View 1990-02Placing State System Facilities on an Historic Register
View 1989-05-AStudent Fees
View 1989-02Drug-Free Workplace
View 1989-01-AUniversity Diplomas
View 1988-04-AStipend for Cooperating Teachers
View 1988-03-AData Collection and Reporting
View 1988-01-ACollection of Any Monies From Students
View 1987-01Degree Equivalencies in Faculty Appointment and Promotion Criteria
View 1986-07-ATravel Expense Regulations
View 1986-06Management Employee Retreat Rights
View 1986-04-AProgram Review
View 1986-02-AInvestment
View 1985-07-AManagement Performance and Reward Program
View 1985-06-AFaculty Professional Development Program
View 1985-05State System of Higher Education External Financial Support
View 1985-04-AUniversity External Financial Support
View 1985-03Student Domicile Regulations
View 1985-02-AOperation of Motor Vehicles on State System of Higher Education Facilities
View 1985-01-ARequirements for Initiation or Change of Credit-Based Academic Programs
View 1984-14-ATerms and Conditions of Employment of Senior Policy Executives
View 1984-13-AStudent Disciplinary Due Process Requirements
View 1984-12-AHonorary Degrees
View 1984-07-ASystem Reserve Allocation and Expenditure Criteria
View 1984-06-AAllocation Formula
View 1984-03-ATuition Waiver
View 1983-26AStudent Trustee Selection
View 1983-25-AStudent Governor Selection
View 1983-24-ADecentralization of the Position Classification Process in the State System
View 1983-22-AUse of Facilities
View 1983-19-ARefund of Tuition and Fees
View 1983-18-AWaiver of Tuition and/or Fees
View 1983-16Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Faculty and Administrative Candidates
View 1983-14-AAppointing Interim and Acting Chief Executive Officers
View 1983-13-AProcess for Recommending Presidential Appointment
View 1983-11Equal Opportunity
View 1983-10Guidelines for Student Employment
View 1983-09-AGraduate Assistant Stipends
View 1983-07Assignment of Students and University Personnel to Privately-Owned Housing
View 1983-06-AStudent Health Services
View 1983-03-AStudent Activity Fees
View 1983-01-AMerit Principles