Policy No.Title
View2022-56Academic Calendar
View2022-55Allocation Formula Methodology
View2022-54Student Transfer
View2022-53Councils of Campus Commissioners
View2021-52Purchasing Card Guiding Principles
View2021-50Process for Recommending Presidential Appointment
View2020-48Shared Services
View2020-47IT Security Programs and Assessments
View2020-46Payroll Advance (Limited)
View2020-45Educational and General, Auxiliary Enterprise, and Associated Unrestricted Plant Fund Definitions and Guiding Principles
View2020-44Complement Management and Reporting
View2020-43Emergency Remote Work and Telecommuting (RESCINDED)
View2019-42System-level Pilot Initiatives
View2019-41Sick, Parental and Family Care Absence, Military Exigency Absence and Military Caregiver Absence Procedure for Nonrepresented Employees
View2019-40-AFinancial Sustainability Administrative Procedures and Standards
View2019-39System Construction Contract, Manuals, and Related Procedures
View2018-38Temporary Out of Classification Assignments
View2018-37Technology Transfer and Commercialization Services
View2018-36Executive Compensation for Recruitment and Retention of Presidents
View2018-35Review of Academic Programs and Programs in Support of the Student Experience
View2018-34Subsequent Degrees
View2018-33Associates of the Chancellor and Presidents
View2018-32Employee Compensation for Sponsored Activities for State System Universities
View2017-31Sources of Funding for University Scholarships
View2017-30Terminal Degrees
View2017-29Presidential Search Expenses
View2016-27Verification of Attendance
View2016-26Student Complaint Process
View2016-25-AGuidelines for Accelerated Bachelor to Master's Degree Programs and Early/Dual Admission to First Professional Master's Degree Programs
View2016-23-ARequirements for Initiation or Change of a Credit-Based Academic Program
View2016-22Management of Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
View2016.24Graduation Residency Requirements
View2015-21Background Clearances and Reporting Requirements
View2015-20Veterans' In-State Tuition Benefits
View2015-19Subrecipient Management and Monitoring
View2014-18Drop/Add Procedure 2014-18
View2013-17Conducting Investigations Received through PASSHE's Incident Reporting System 2013-17
View2013-16Nonrepresented Employees Performance and Reward Program
View2013-15Relationships with Affiliated Entities 2013-15
View2012-14-ACompliance with United States Export Control Laws
View2012-13Academic Degrees
View2012-12Fiduciary Agreements
View2012-11Delegation of Authority to Administer Facilities Projects
View2011-10Guidelines for University Use of Cell Phones
View2011-09Style Guide
View2011-08-AHR Manual of Commonwealth Management Directives and Manuals
View2011-07Expenditures of Public Funds Guidelines, Standards, and Limits
View2011-05Recording of Revenues and Expenses of Summer Sessions
View2011-04Accounting for Privatized Housing
View2011-03Recording of Revenues and Expenses as Operating or Nonoperating
View2011-02Tuition and Mandatory Fees
View2011-01-ACapital Planning and Programming